I started my morning with this delicious smoothie. I had some fresh strawberries, frosen mango, banana and coconutmilk in it and I think it was really tasty. Before the smoothie I had a nice morning walk with some good music in my ears. Then I went to work for some hours and after work me and some colleagues went to the golf course to hit some balls at the driving ranch. We really had a good time in the unreal weather we have here in Sweden right now. 
Godmorgon! Jag har verkligen haft en fantastisk vecka på alla sätt och vis och just nu är det verkligen drömväder här i de småländska skogarna. Mer om min vecka kommer i ett annat inlägg, men i morse var jag på Toftastrands konditori och käkade brunch med Johanna. Vi har inte setts på väldigt länge, så det var verkligen supermygt att ses igen. Brunchbuffén är ju inte att leka med på Toftastrand heller... Lite senare i eftermiddag blir det jobb igen efter min lilla ledighet. 
Good morning! I've really had an amazing time the past days and the weather here in Sweden are really awesome right now. More about the last days in another post, but this morning I went for brunch at Toftastrands Cafe with my friend Johanna. We have not met in a while so it was so nice to catch up a bit and the brunch buffe are so good at this place. 
Breakfast in bed is my favorite! Together with an episode of a good seria and good company, the morning could not get any better... Here you have the first chiapuding since I came home from the alps. I've really missed haveing a nice kitchen and beeing able to make stuff like this for breakfast. Now I going to get ready for work!