31 december 2018

My year 2018


2018 started in the best possible way. I went to Bad Gastein just before New Year and came to this winter wonderland. It was what would become the season I fell in love in more than one way. Skiing every day and spending time together with friends in the mountains. That's the best life I can ever imagine during wintertime. I met my Stefan and that's one of the best things with this year. After a week in the mountains, I made a yolo and went to Wien to spend some more time with Stefan. That was a good decicion it turned out... 😁 I spent one week skiing with my sister, you can find the video HERE. I spent another week skiing with my roomie from my first seson, Cornelia, and her boyfriend and we got some good powderturns. January ended with another meet up with friends from my frist seson, the swiss sisters Maria and Christine, and we went for some crosscountry skiing under the fullmoon in Sportgastein. Windy and cold as hell but a very cool experience... 🙈
This month started with going back to work at the skischool for the high season and Stefan came back to Bad Gastein to work at the skischool as well. While working there is not so much time to ski on your own and we (Stefan and me) had a lot of movienights with Ben & Jerry's... Not so bad if you ask me! There were also a bunch of theme party's at Heaggbloms Bar that I photographed during the season, which was fun. I February there is also the yearly DJ Battle and did some photographing this year as well. 
M A R C H 
In March I went back to Wien again together with Stefan and we did some sightseeing in the city. I think this was when I really felt that I like Wien and the atmosphere in this city.  All the old buildings mixed with new modern stuff makes it interesting. Wien I think I fell in love with you and the people that lives here. After spending almost 2 weeks in the city we went back to Bad Gastein again to finish the season and work one last week at the skischool. 
A P R I L 
With a lot of mixed feelings I went back to Sweden in the beginning of April. Started to work at Media Markt and erned some money again... But I felt that something was missing and in the end of April I went back to Wien to visit Stefan that now was my boyfriend. I spent some days there and we went to the Prater and explored the Kurpark in Oberlaa. It was a really nice trip and it was very hard to go back to Sweden again.
M A Y 
The warmth came back and everything turned green again. I worked a lot at Media Markt and spent some time at the countryside at my grandparents place. Stefan came to Sweden for the first time in the end of May and we spent a lot of time at the countryside and by the lake in Sandsbro. I really enjoyed having Stefan by my side in Sweden and it makes me so happy that he liked my homecountry as much as I like his.
The summer month started in the same way as the rest of the spring with a lot of work and longing for new adventures. Midsummer came and I gathered a good mix of friends from different parts of my life. We really had a nice celebration together and I really miss to spend time with all of you guys! Right after midsummer I packed my bags and went to Wien once again and had a wonderful week there. We explored  Lower Austria together with Stefan's dad and I really enjoy seeing more of the country.  
J U L Y 
My family drove down threw Europe towards the end goal Croatia and they made a stop in Wien one night to pick me up and get som rest. That night we all went out to eat som schnizel together. It became a great night! The day after I went with my parents in the car towards Croatia for a week of vacation. Stefan did not join, but he got a change of plans that summer, so he booked a flight ticket fo Sweden and arrived one day after I got back from Croatia. How epic!? I worked a lot, but the rest of the time I spent together with my family and Stefan. We had time to meet all of our family friends and really enjoy the swedish summer. It was the hotest summer in like forever and Sweden really showed the very best sides.
A U G U S T 
August continued in the same flow, the summerwether continued and one weekend me and Stefan went to Öland for some adventure. We drove all the way south to the big lighthouse and went up in it for the view. It was a bit windy, but it was worth it anyway. After an icecream in the sun we drove north on the other side of the iland and visited the old "castle" Eketorp. I love roadtrips and I think this year had a lot of them and I wish for more in 2019. Before Stefan had to go back to Austria the weather cooled of a bit and we visited the woods of Småland. This was also the month I decided to move to Austria and change my life. 
The month everything happened! I started my company as a photographer, I packed my bags and moved to Austria and I quit my job in Sweden. Everything at once. I had a good feeling about everything and I still think I made the right choice. The first time in Wien was a lot about exploring and get to know people better. I checked one point of my bucket-list of when I visited Hallstatt together with Stefan and his mom. It was a cool experience, except of all the chinese tourists... 😅 The bonus was the amazing sunset on the way home. I just love all the churches in very photogenic places in Austria. 
I continued to explore the city a bit on my own and I had a little photoshoot with myself at Schönbrunn one day in the middle of October. I realised a lot of stuff this fall and one of them is that I'm actually out photographing way to less. I want to do more own projects and create the portfolio I want. I can't do that when I'm inside watching a movie or something... More outside activities in the new year! October was also a transition month and i started to feel more and more home in Wien. It ended with the most epic Halloween party I've ever been to. 
N O V E M B E R 
My parents came to visit in Wien and we spent some days together. We went to Schönbrunn, explored the innercity and ate nice schnitzel. Maybe we had a glas of wine or two as well... I really appriciated that they wanted to come visit me. Later my sister also came for a visit and we also ate nice food, did some shopping and just had a nice time together. 😍 I've also realised how much my family means to me and how greatfull I am about haveing them in my life. I'm looking forward to all adventures in the future!
This was the month of the christmasmarkets and I really got a good feeling before christmas. The thing I always wish for most every christmas is snow and this year we at least had a white Christmas Eve. But the most epic thing is that I now can say that I actually live in Wien since I moved to my own appartment. Me and Maria, that I've mentioned before, got an appartment together and I'm so happy. I can't wait to get back to Wien again!! 
I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year! I've had an amazing year with love, new experiences and new beginnings. In 2019 I'm so excited to see where all of this leads with the company, living in a new city and beeing close to the one I love. 2019 I'm ready!