I hope all of you have been on a halloween party this week! I sertainly was! It was so epic! Hope you can guess what me and Stefan dressed up as?? Vikings of cause!! It was really a funny day to prepare the costumes and we went all in. We made our own axes and shields and were shopping all the materials at OBI. It almost took us all day to get ready... But what a party it was and the location was just perfect for a halloween party. I will show you later!!
The start of the week was very chill and the halloween party was the first big happening this week. The next big happening was that my parents came to visit me in Vienna for a weekend. When they arrived me and Stefan met up with them at Stephansplatz in the innercity and went to Rinderwahn for some delicious burgers. After we filled up with energy we went for a strole in the innercity and pased the operahouse, museeumsquatier and ended up for a drink at the rooftop bar at the 24 hours hotel. There we got the nice sunsetview and some rest for walking back to mom and dads hotel. On our way back we passed Hofburg and the famouse shopping street in the middle of the first district. I really think Vienna is a nice city after dark whit all the majestic lighted up buildings. Me and Stefan were still tired from the halloween party so we were pretty happy to go back home to sleep again. 
The next day I met up with my parents alone, because Stefan was working. We had some nice shopping before lunch and then we ate at Maschu close to Mariahilfer straße. Lunch was nice and I think it's so nice that you actually can sit outside to eat, even if it's November now. Of cause you still have to have your jacket on, but anyway... After shopping and eating we went back to mom and dads hotel for a quick rest befor we were going to the third district to meet up with my friend Maria and her parents. There are exciting things going on and I will tell you everything in another post. We had a nice coffee break and chat with them! Afterwords me and my parents went for a walk in the area and then back to the innercity for some food. We found a nice restaurant and had a nice Wienerschnitzel.
The last day we went for some sightseeing at Schönbrunn. We were lucky with the weather so we started with a walk in the big park. Some nice views and steps later we had something to drink at an old brewery. Me and my mom also noticed a Lindt's chocolate store on our way to the brewery and of cause as the chocolate lovers we are we had to go in there. My mom had to buy some tickets for a tour inside of the castle of Schönbrunn of cause, so we all went with her. Hahah sometimes you don't have a choise when she wants to see something historical...😅 But I think it was okey this time, I can also be pretty interested in history sometimes. After this Schönbrunn visit we all were hungry and of cause we had to go to naschmarkt then. Its a bigger permanent food market in the middle of Vienna. Stefan had a nice restaurant we went to there and i must say that the food was really good! In the evening we went for something to drink and then we said goodbye to my parents for this time. It was so nice to see them again after two mounths away, but at the same time it did not feel so long. Time flies! 
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