Hi everyone! There has been some stuff going on the previous week and I got some new thing for my room delivered from IKEA. So all Tuesday I spend on building my desk and our eating table, or yeh not all day of cause but it felt like that... 😅 Now I definatly got some skills in puting IKEA furniture together! There will come some more pictures of how the flat and my room looks like later on, but we still miss a lot of stuff. The hallway are still so empty and there is still an eco when you talk in the flat. 🙈 We will get it cozy eventually! I told you guys that I would do a moving vlog a while back and now I think I have the video material to finally cut it together. 
In the later afternoon I met up with one of Stefans friends that work for a daily newspaper and also did some freelancing jobs before. As you know I have to find my self an income here in Vienna and it's not that easy to find something that you also are interested in doing. For me that's very important for my well being and motivation. I hope to get some new imputs from him later on and I will also send some papers my CV and ask if they need another freelance photographer. Wish me luck!  
The following day I spent with my friend Lena and we went out for a photoshoot in the snowy weather. It was really cold but we were strong and got some great pictures I think. 😄 In the previous entry you can see some of the results and you also find the pictures here. As I wrote in the last entery It was here first time in front of the camera and she did great! It's so fun to see how happy people get from the result of the pictures I deliver to them. Best feeling!
Thursday lunch I met up with a swedish girl that wrote to me on facebook after I posted an entery in the facebook group "swedish people in Wien". She was working as an au pair here in Vienna and I think we talked for two hours. It was really nice to meet up with someone for a lunch and just talk for a while. That's something I want to do more of in the future. Guess I just have to get to know some more people here in Vienna first... We met at Café Telegraph and that's a place I can really recommend if you are in Vienna. They had an amazing avocado menue and so good chai latte. 😋
T H O U G H T S 
I think that I have become so much more open the past 3 years then I have ever been before and it feels so good. In school I was always the shy girl in the background and did not have so many friends, but the once I had I still have today. That's something very important to me, even if you don't meet every day you still know you can talk to them whenever you want. I value that way more than having so many friends that you can't count them... My personal development is really something I am proud for and now I just want to take the next step on my journey. For me that's all about my company's development right now and to become a better photographer. That's going to make my personal development take many steps in the right direction as well. 
I have also been planing, writing down goals for myself and my buisiness and been outside walking in the cold weather. I have been studying some german grammar as well to prepare for the entrence test that I have to write to be able to study german later on in the spring this year. Then comes the best part of this week and that was the Photoworkshop I participated in on Saturday. I have been following her on Instagram for a while now, Sophie Häusler is her name, and now I got the chanse to meet her. She had arranged a workshop for only 5 other photographers that where about to come home to her and photograph a couple indoor. She had a lovely home and the couple where so cute together. Down below you get a sneek on one of my photos from the day. I had a real nice time and got to know some new people, which was my goal from the workshop. I got some nice portfoliopictures and that was one of the more important things! 🙈😍
Sunday I spent with Stefan and we also had a smal photoshoot in Stadtpark. Stefan needed some new CV pictures and profilepictures. I thought it was superfun to take some photos of him of cause! When we got back from our little walk we started to make some food right away. It turned out so delicious! As I said we finally have an eating table now in the smaller room, so we made a first meal there too. 
T I P  O F  T H E  W E E K 
My tip of the week are actually some new podcasts I have started to listen to. First there is the podcast from Janni and Michaela Delér "Two of a kind" it's called. i have been following them on Instagram and Youtube for a while, but I think the podcast is so much more and you get a way better picture of who they are. They also had normal childhoods as any kid and there are so many prejudices about them. If you follow them, make sure you listen to their podcast as well. On to another podcast I have listened to some times now and that is "We are influencers" by Linda Hörnfeldt. I think I have got a way better picture of how it actually is to be an influencer and it's so much work with it. Then the fact that some people don't take you seriously and so on, thet must be so hard to deal with. Then to the last one "Husky" by Magnus Ormestad. This one is about the outdoor buisiness and he interview people that either works within the category or are active in some sport. It's very different but I like it a lot and it's so inspiering to listen to peoples stories. All the podcasts are in swedish so this one is only for you guys.