I think it's kind of cool that this place is now a days located in the the city and not outside of it, as it was when it was built sometime for a very long time ago... A while ago I felt that I just wanted to go out and photograph and what place is better than the huge park of Schönbrunn? It was definitly worth to go there again for the second time. I was there the first time I was in Vienna in the summer 2017. After this time I will absolutly come here when I want to shoot portraits of do some workrelated shoots. Perfect photoplace in so meny ways! Anyway, I actually took some selfportraits and one of them you can see further down. It felt like it was ages ago since I last did that, but it very was fun. Some people that pased me and my camera tripod muste have wondered what I was doing... Some people also offered to help me, so funny! That would never happen in Sweden... I also had my phone as a remote and it worked good, but I think it's a bit tricky to get the focus right sometimes. Any tips from Canon users? It's waaaaaay easier than with the classic remote tho! Only minus is that the battery on both phone and camera does not last so long as usual, which is pretty obvious of cause. 
Can't get enough of this town!