M O N D A Y 
Wow! Time really flies!? 😮 It's crazy! It really feels like it was yesterday that I wrote the last weekly summary... Now another week flew by and here I am again. I know that I don't write so many blog posts inbetween these posts anymore, but I simply don't have the time to sit by the computer. Actually I think it's more about priorities, now I have so much new stuff in my life that I rather spend my sparetime together with my boyfriend, doing yoga or hang out with friends. I don't have the energy to produce nice content to the blog right now, so I figured these weekly updates are perfect for now and the purpose I have with the blog at the moment. I write these post so friends and family back home in Sweden can follow my life here in Vienna. That's actually the main focus with the blog right now! It felt good to just write that... 🙈 Anyway back to my Monday... It was a calm start at the week and I just had class and did not do so much more, at least not that I can remember. 
T U E S D A Y 
Tuesday on the other hand was a funny day! After class I went home and met up Lena at my place. We had decided to make a visit at IKEA and I had really been looking forward to go there another time. First thing we did was to eat a meatball lunch of cause! 😋 Now I realise that I have to make my own meatballs tho, because that's so much better... It was perfect to bring Lena to IKEA and we had so much fun! 😂 In the end we left with two full blue IKEA bags with only my stuff... 😅 hehe why is it always like that when you go to IKEA??? On the pictures of my room below you can see that I got myself curtains and I think it made such a big difference for the atmosphere in the room. 😍
W E D N E S D A Y 
This was not the day I had time for meditation... 😅 In the morning I had class as usual, but in the evening I went all the way to Grinzing to meet up with the family where I will be babysitting (probably) ca 4 days a week and about 3 hours each day. Hopefully I will have enough time for the company and my germanstudies as well. 🙈 I will give this a try and see how it goes! The family is really nice and I like the kids too. Now I have met them 2-3 times and they start to be comfortable around me now. That was what I did the whole afternoon and I was so tider when I came home again. Stefan was so sweet and came to my place instead of me going to him. Because of that I gathered the last energy and baked a swedish "kladdkaka" (mud cake) with my new baking equipment from IKEA. 😁😋 Nom nom!
T H U R S D A Y 
In the afternoon I finally had time to put up my new curtains from IKEA and I think it really made a big difference in the room. 🙈 Now it feels way more cozy than before! I also got some more pillows for the bed and a nightshelf next to the bed. Then I got these two small shelves that I will put abowe the bed and later put some of my own pictures in frames to have there. I just don't know which jet... 🤔 What do you think about my room??  
F R I D A Y 
Weekend again! Woop woop! 🤘After my class the weather was just lovely and all the trees around Votivkirche are blossoming now. Hello spring! You just have to be happy in this weather! 😍 On my way home I decided to try out a need place for take-away lunch at the U-bahn station "Shottentour". It's called El Hac and they have really nice smoothies, juices and sallad bowls. It's perfect to bring after class when I don't have any food at home or just don't have the energy to cook... 😁 In the evening it was time for party! First I was not sure if I wanted to actually go out to the club, but when all the people started to show up at the preparty at Stefans place both me and Stefan changed our minds. 🙈 Stefan's roommate was DJ-ing in this techno club Gerelle Forelle for the first time, so friends from Bad Gastein and Germany was coming. We had such a nice time! I'm really glad that I went out and didn't stay home this time... 
S A T U R D A Y 
Of cause we were super tired in the morning and I think we slept until 11.00 or something... But then we went back to Stefan's place to hang out with the people that had stayed the night there and say goodbye to them before they went back home again. 😊 Later that evening me and Stefan had a special evening because it was our 1 year aneversery together. We have already been together for a year!? That we had to celebrate of cause, so we went to a small cozy italian fish restaurant in the 8th district. They had a special deal, no menue and instead a 5 course dinner for all their guests. I think it was a nice idea and the food was really good! 😋 After that we went to my place and fell asleep right away. I love you Stefan and I'm so glad that I met you!💕
S U N D A Y 
Sunday was also a very chilled day and I just spent some time to do my german homework and later that day I actually walked to Stefan's place. The weather was amazing and I think that was the warmest day so far this year. 😎 I went threw the botanical garden by schloss Belvedere on the way and there were a lot of people enjoying the sun. Later we had a nice sunset from Stefan's flat since they have the top flat with roof windows. 🙈
T I P   O F   T H E   W E E K  
The tip of this week is about reflection and beeing greatfull for the small things in life. I have started to reflect over my actions and ask myself why I react as I do in some situations. What I also have tried to do is to turn negative thoughts into something positive. Everyone learn from there mistakes and it's very important to not let them push you down. Instead you should think of what you have learned and take that with you until next time. I have also realised how much better I feel when I'm actually telling myself how much I appreciate the small things in life everyday. A tip can be to write down 3 things that you are greatfull for everyday to make yourself reflect over that. Hope you think it can be usefull! Have a great week everyone!