Hi everyone,
I was surprised that some of you are still visiting my blog... Time really flies and I have been prioritizing other stuff than writing blogposts tha pased two months. I'm happy that some of you still visit and want to read about what I'm doing here in Vienna. I wanted to check in and give you an update about my life. I still go to university and I have learned so much german the pased months. Now I can say that I can actually have a conversation in german and understand everything. I still learn new words every day and there are still so much to learn, but now I actually answer in german if a random person would talk to me. Before I did not react because I did not realise that it could have been me they were talking to. Haha I'm getting there! 
Anyway, so much have happen in the passed two months that I honestly don't know where to start... In the beginning of April I started to work as a babysitter in an austrian/swedish family and I think that's one part of why I have not been writing here. That have taken a lot of my energy, I mean it's exhausting to work with kids... Surprise! No, not really. First it was a bit scary that I was responsible for someone elses kids, even if I was managing way worse situations working in the skischool. Still, this was something different. It's the everyday life and somehow I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation in the beginning, but now it's much better. Some days are great with the kids and some days are less good, but that's how it's going to be one day with my own kids. Now I'm actually grateful that I gave my selfe the opportunity to get all this experience with kids. I mean I have never changed a popo diper before and now I'm already a pro. 😁 Hahah... I'm proud of how I have managed to get my life her in Vienna to work in such a short amount of time. I have an income, even if it's not mega much, and I can comunicate in the language they speak here. I'm actually a part of the society here in Austria now and that's quite cool. 🙈 
What about your photography you might be asking? That's also going forward and I've got the chance to get to know some other awesome photographers here in Vienna. Among them Nadine, who took all the pictures in this entry. The same evening I photographed her and her boyfriend and I'm so happy with all the pictures. 😍 If you have not seen them you have to check out my Instagram account @oliviahenningssonphotography right away! Now the goal is to do more photo sessions like that one. I'm really excited about my summer as a photographer for real and now I will get this train rolling. Who's with me?? 
Photo: Nadine Killmeyer
Here you can see all pictures she took of me: