You heard right! I moved a week ago!? How sick is that? Me and Maria were to IKEA last Monday and did the basic shopping for the kitchen and our rooms. So When the delivery came on Tuesday morning me and Stefan started to build my bed. Thank god that i had Stefan to help me, because I hate the Ikea screws, thay are so soft or it´s just me that has to go to the gym more often... But the bed became finished and after Stefan left for work I was left alone with the drawer. After a lot of work with the screws it finally became stable enough to put it together. The room is still so empty, but after another visit at IKEA in January I think it will be more cozy. 
The middle of the week was pretty calm. We went to the gym, had a cozy "fika" with Stefan's mom in St.Pölten and I fixed a bit in the flat. Btw, the backpack I bought before I went to Austria in September is just perfect for weekend trips. You can easy fit all the essentials you need for 3-4 days. It's from the brand Douchebags if anyone would like to know, perfect if you are traveling a lot with skis or a lot of gear. 
I had tiem for a face mask and had my first lunch in the flat. It's already done food tho... I think it's fun to live alone, but I'm still looking forward to when Maria also moves in. I can say that it will be a very eciting start of 2019 to com back to Wien and start to live here for real. I'm going back to Sweden over Christmas to celebrate with my family and work a bit at Media Markt again... It's going to be really fun to meet all former colleges again and have time to meet up with some friends. 
Friday was a funny day! At late lunchtime I went to Stephans platz to meet up with my friend Maria from Switzerland. If you followed my blog for a while you might recognize here from when i was in Portugal in the summer 2017. If you want to read about that I link it down below! It was so nice to see her again! We have not met since last winter in Bad Gastein. Another nice surprice was that her mother was also with her when we met up. It was such a nice surprice, because she was also with us in Portugal. Anyway me and Maria started at Blue Tomato and continued to the Donaukanal. The weather was so nice and I really enjoyed to walk along the water. We pased Stadtpark on our way back to the city center. I really liked that park and I have to visit it more often! We ended up at a café close to the Opera house and had some Apfelstrudel with vanilla sause. Delicious if you ask me! When we had enough we walked to Mariahilfer straße and did some shopping. The lights I have decorated my tripod with is from Stefan tho... 😅 Whe you don't have a christmas tree you have to make the best out of it anyway. The evening ended up in my flat and we ordered pizza. 
The rest of this weekend I have spent with Stefan and his mom in Wilhelmsburg. Yesterday we went for a christmasmarket in Dürnstein not far from Krems. It was a very pleasant surprise that the place was very photo friendly. My mom would have loved the place! So this week ended in the best possible way and i got to pet an alpacka, so how can it not be great?