Hi everyone! Last week was a mix of just everyday life and some spacial stuff going on. For a start the week began slowly, me and Stefan went to the gym, he worked and I did some reserch for the company and we had some nice kebab for lunch. I also did planing for this weeks visit at IKEA and tomorrow I will move for real. Can't waaaaaait!!! As you can see in my calender i also finnished an assignment for the Video editing cours at UNI.
We went to the gym a second time this week and I like to go there together with Stefan. It makes it more fun! Then we also did some exploring (or it was only exploring to me) of the city. We went to the 19th distrikt and then to the 9th for a visit at a very cozy christmas market at the universety area. I think we both would have enjoyed it more if it has not been so damn cold... But in another way I love that it's getting colder and the first real snow came to Wien this week. 
Here are some more pictures from our little tour in the city... 
SNOW! If you have followed my blog for a while then you know that I love snow and all that has to do with it, or yeh almost everything... I really wish for some snow in Sweden over christmas. That would make it so much more cozy and magical. I'm looking forward to christmas a lot! To meet my family again, see all relatives at christmas and meet some friends that I have not seen for a while. Therefore it was extra fun to get some christmas feeling while we visited 3 different christmas markets this weekend. The first was in Wien, the second in St.Pölten, where we also met a friend of Stefan and the last one was in Mariazell. I think the last one was my favorite because of the location. Mariazell is located in the mountains and the road there from Wilhelmsburg was a real mountainroad in some parts and it was so cozy. I really enjoy to visit christmas markets before christmas. It gives me joy and so much christmas feeling. Thanks to Stefans mom who came with us and also his sister for a nice day.