As promised, here comes a whole post about the amazing wedding workshop I attended on Saturday last weekend. Again, big thanks to Sophie Häusler for an awesome day and to the talented weddingplaner Sabine Bernt aka Die HochzeitskoryFee. You definitly made this day to a day I will remember! 😍 I should not forget all of the cool girls that participated with me. Thanks for beeing yourselfes and just awesome people! All the laughes that day... 😂 Love it!
Everyone were soooo concentrated.... 😂😇
Anyway, Sophie started with greeting us welcome and began with her presentation. We all made short presentations of who we were and of cause I was the only one that was not from Austria... I'm not comfortable with speaking german outside of class at the university quite jet, so for now it's english that's the easy choice. The entire workshop was in German tho, but I do really understand everything now. That's so sattisfying! 🙈 Of cause there are some words here and there that I don't understand, but it doesn't matter anymore because I still understand the context. It was fun to hear the other girls stories and I think they are so cool all of them. Everyone are really doing their thing and that's so inspiering. Keep up the good work girls! 👊

Why am I looking so creepy on the picture to the left!? 😅😂 Haha 
It was fun to hear about Sophie's workflow and the process from first beeing a request to actually become a wedding you photograph. I learned a lot and feel that I could actually enjoy photographing weddings, but I need to collect some experience first of cause... It's crazy how much work it actually is behind a wedding for a photographer. 😅 But the process are not just about photographing, but also about getting to know the couple that's getting married. Who knows, maybe they will become your friends for life... That's what's so exciting with working with people, you never know what to excpect and sometimes you just need to improvise. Scary and exciting at the same time! 🙈
After a nice lunchbreak it was finally time to photograph! Oh wow what a nice setup it was! 😍 A pure boho dream and the couple Daniela & Stefan were so perfect together. I whish them all luck on theire real weddingday and in the future. Thanks for beeing such good models during the afternoon. It couldn't have been easy with 7 crazy photographers going bananas with theire cameras at the same time... 😅 It was like all of us were in transe and the time just went so fast. When I have something amazing infront of my camera I just cant stop and I just want to take more and more photos. Someone who feels the same?? 😝 That's how it is to be a nerd and always search for crazy nice light. You see the world threw the camera! 
T H A N K S   F O R   A   M A G I C A L   D A Y !
Photos: Sebastian (instagram: sebaestschn_)