Hey guys! We have a new year!!! Crayzy!? I had a good start so far and I started some new things, but more about that in another entry. this entry on the other hand will be a bit of a recap from the past weeks. I totally forgot to make this weekly entries during christmas and New Year, so here it comes. 
The week before Christmas I did some planing, bought some new notebooks that will help me keep track of my to-do-lists and other thoughts. I was also trying to spend time with family, watch christmasmovies and just relax. Work took a lot of my time, but inbetween I tried to slow down. 
Some days before Christmas when I was off I decorated the tree. This year it became more of a silver and white theme. (my sister was a bit pissed that I started decorating without her tho...) I also did some present wrapping and I always buy my paper from Lagerhaus (swedish store). Wrapping presents is something that I really enjoy and my creative side really takes over. I like to keep them simple tho and not decorate them to much. 
In the morning three days before Christmas Eve me, my sister and my dad went for the big christmas food shopping. The swedish christmasfood is quite simple I would say and and my favourite is always the big ham. It's just so delicious on a slice of my mom's fresh baked bread. The evening before the christmas shopping I met up with my friend Emma and we made the swedish christmas candy called "knäck", which is a kind of caramel taysting caramel cola you have to suck on for a while until it melts in your mouth. 
This was how much snow we had over christmas... It's really sad that it's not more than this, but I'm happy it was snow at all. The day after Christmas Eve it was already gone... At least it stayed on Christmas Eve and we could enjoy that as much as possible. 
On the evening of the 23rd me and my family drove out to my grandparent's farm on the countryside. They have a smal hut where we stay and sleep the night before Christmas. So in the evening, my cousins came around with their dog's and we watched bingo on TV. That also became a tradition to play the anual Christmas Bingo on the "Bingolotto Uppesittarkväll" in Sweden. I the morning of Christmas Eve me, my mom and my dad took the dogs and took a long walk around in the nearest villages. 
Food, presents, small santa helpers and a cozy day is how I would describe the Christmas Eve with my family. My brother was so satisfyed that he got a lot of NOCCO in his presents... Crazy!? 😂 I'm also very happy with what I've got and all of it will be very usefull. 
My presents and to the right, me and my cousin! She was so happy that I made her hair all curly and she became so cute in it!!! She also enjoy using all the snapchat filters...
Some days of intense work followed in the next days and I didn't really take any pictures then... But on the 29th I met up with my friends from back in the days when we all played golf together. We still play, but now it's just for fun. 😁 We had a nice evening with homemade pizza and family games. Thanks for a nice evening as always!
The day before New Years eve I started to plan a little bit in my new calender that I think is a bit different from the clasic ones. The way of plaming is a bit more similar to the bullet journaling and I really like it! I did some picture editing fore the yearly summary, which you can find in the previous entery. 
New Years Eve became a calm evening for me and I had a Twilight marathon and actually finnished all 5 movies before 12. 🙈 heheh... Now I'm looking forward to the new year and new adventures! The past week I've been working at Media Markt, but tomorrow is my last day there and on thursday I'm going back to Austria. Wiiiiiie!
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