The other night my sister and her friends came up with the idea to make a gingerbread house. I was of cause in on the idea right away! After some good teamwork there was a very cute house standing there in the kitchen. We went for the pink and fluffy style and I love how it turned out! How do you make your gingerbread house's? 
This week started in Austria and ended in Sweden. The beginning of the week was quite calm and I came back from Wilhelmsburg on Monday evening. It was hard to say goodbye to Stefan and I'm already missing him a lot. But we had a very cozy weekend at his mom's place so that felt good. Time goes fast so I know we will soon be together again and that makes me so happy. I'm looking forward to a winter in Austria and then a long spring and summer. I'm so ready for adventure! (as my new cup says) 😍
Before it was time to go back to Sweden I had one evening in Vienna and I spent it with going to the Shades fo winter filmfest. Shades of winter is an organisation that works for women athletes and their passion, primary freeskiers. The freeskier Sandra Lahnsteiner is one of the founders and she also work with producing short movies about freeskiing and the magnificence of tha nature. I think all these girls are so inspiering and all those amazing movies about both being driven to challenge yourself and crazy adventures are just soooo good. I want to go skiing now and learn more about myself and my limits. If you are not following them check out Shades of winter on Instagram. I promise that you will be inspired to be out in the nature more. 
Then it was time for me to catch my flight back to Sweden. Everything went very smooth and all of a sudden I was on Swedish ground again after 3 months in Austria. During my flight I had some pretty nice view's over the clouds. After a short visit at Kastrup in Copenhagen I was on the train back towards Växjö. My dad and brother picked me up at the trainstation in Växjö and it felt wierd to be back. Everything is just going on as normal while you are away and everybody is still there as you left them. It's a wierd feeling to come back as a different person in some way and everybody else is the same. This time I relly feel that I made the right choice to go to Vienna and try to create my own life there. From now on it really feels like there are so many possibilities and I'm looking forward to a new year in Vienna. 
Home at my parents place we made nice brunch, I tried the new taste of Nocco and I was at a very beautiful Lucia night in the big dome in Växjö. It feels good to be back in Sweden over christmas! Now I feel that the christmasfeelings are there and I wish for a white christmas. I'm also back at Media Markt to work over christmas and I think it's fun to see everybody again. Have a nice evening!
I really enjoy breakfasts in good company. Today's morning I went up a bit earlier then my family to make some breakfast. I started to make banana scones, but they turned out to be a bit of a fail... 😅 The egg's became way better and everything together was tasty. Now I'm sitting here with my tea in front of the tv with the Winterstudio on the screen. I really missed to sitt in the sofa back in Sweden and watch skiing in all forms. And yes I'm back in Sweden over christmas! In January I'm going back to Wien again. For now it's full christmas mode on!