Hi there! I made this the outher day and it really turned out great! Since I don't really drink coffee I drink chai latte when I'm meeting up with friends for a coffee. My parents have a Nespresso machine that also foam the milch, so I made myself a nice chai latte tith some cinnamon and marshmellows on top. I had som chai powder at home so that was perfect for this! 
Another thing that's very fun was that I did my first real company portrait shoot yesterday. It was for a swedish company founded in Växjö and they just needed some portraits of theire employees. Everything went very well and I'm also happy about the results. It feels so nice to finally be up and running with the company. To see that everything also work as it should is a relief. I'm looking forward to the future!
The other night my sister and her friends came up with the idea to make a gingerbread house. I was of cause in on the idea right away! After some good teamwork there was a very cute house standing there in the kitchen. We went for the pink and fluffy style and I love how it turned out! How do you make your gingerbread house's? 
I really enjoy breakfasts in good company. Today's morning I went up a bit earlier then my family to make some breakfast. I started to make banana scones, but they turned out to be a bit of a fail... 😅 The egg's became way better and everything together was tasty. Now I'm sitting here with my tea in front of the tv with the Winterstudio on the screen. I really missed to sitt in the sofa back in Sweden and watch skiing in all forms. And yes I'm back in Sweden over christmas! In January I'm going back to Wien again. For now it's full christmas mode on!