3rd District of Vienna
A lot has happened this week! Now I can finally tell you guys that I'm moving to Vienna more permanantly... So I'm going to live in the 3rd district of Vienna together with Maria, that I have mentioned here before. Me and Stefan are still together of cause, but I felt that I have to live on my own first before we move somwhere together. I'm sooooo excited about this and we already have the keys to the flat. We are not moving in until the 1st of December tho, but we can start move in stuff alreday. That means we are going to IKEA soon. I will keep you updated on this project! I'm so happy about this!!
3rd District of Vienna
Since Thuresday we have been in Wilhelmsburg at Stefans mom's place. Stefan had his paramedic course this weekend, so we thought it could be nice to stay for the weekend. It has been a very calm past days for me and I had some walks in the November weather that is grey at the moment. There are still some leaves on the trees and somehow the world is beautiful with the grey tones as well. Now my cravings for snow are starting to come back and I need to make plans for the winter pretty soon... Otherwise I'm going to get crazy of not knowing when I can go skiing again. 
Streets of Wilhelmsburg
Autumn is in deed here and Vienna has been so beautiful for some time. All the pictures in this entery is from when my parents were here last weekend for a visit. As I mentioned before we were at Schönbrunn and I just loved all the colors. Autumn is really a favorite for me! As a photographer this is kind of the best time of the year, at least if you ask me. Now you can catch those moody pictures and really create feelings in your pictures. The world is just so beautiful at this time of the year! 
Happy Monday my friends! I'm in a very good mood today! There are so much funny stuff going on right now and today I'm in an extra good mood and have energy to do stuff. I'm going to plan my week and actually get some stuff done. Some days the inspiration is on top and today is a day like that. I have started to listen to a new podcast called "Fatta Foto", which mean "how to get photography". It's two swedish girls that started up as photographers a bit more than a year ago. I feel that they have so meny good tips about how it is to be a new started photographer and I can really relate to that. Follow @FattaFoto on Instagram if you are where I am! There are so meny things that I wish to get help with and I feel that this podcast have given me so much already! Tips to you newstarted photographers out there, but mostly Swedish of cause because the podcast is in Swedish... 
At the moment this is how I get my inspiration and I feel that I grow every day. I realised that this have to take it's time. Nothing happens over night and I'm gathering inspiration all the time. Sometimes it's harder to take it in and make something good out of outhers oppinions and thoughts and on the other hand sometimes you just feel wow and start to process it immediatly. How do you guys gather inspiration? 
It's Monday and a new week just started! I feel that I want to do so much stuff this week and get inspired by others that do the same as I do. Photography gives so meny opportunities and why not take the step and start to find them? 
- Set up goals for my company, more long terms and devide them into part goals. 
- Contact interesting people that I want to photograph. 
- Actually shoot some portraits!
- Check out an appartment!!! ( So exciting! )