Hej på er! Jag tänkte att det kunde vara kul för er att få se lite fler bilder från när min syster var här i Wien och hälsade på förra helgen. Alla bilder är från i lördags då vi strosade runt i innerstaden, vilket är det första distriktet här i Wien. Enligt mig är detta det mest besökta stället av en anledning, det är så fint! Alla byggnader är väldigt pampiga och fotovänliga. Det är alltid mycket folk på den stora shoppinggatan, men om man vågar sig iväg därifrån lite så kan man hitta väldigt många mysiga gränder, restauranger och butiker. Jag ska helt klart fotografera mer på dessa mysiga gator! Nu är det väldigt härlig stämning överallt också, eftersom alla små julmarknader har poppat upp runt om i staden. Jag ska försöka att göra ett besök på någon av de större julmarknaderna med Stefan nu i helgen som kommer. Jag har också tänkt att knåpa ihop ett inlägg med mina tips på vad som är värt att se om man besöker Wien, om så bara för en weekend. Det finns verkligen mycket att se i denna stad! Det första distriktet är definitivt med på listan! 
// Hi there! I thought it could be fun for you guys to see some more pictures from when my sister visited me last weekend. All the pictures in this entery are from last Saturday when we were stroling around in the innercity, which is the first dirtrict of Vienna. According to me there is a reason why it is one of the most visited places in Vienna, it's soooo nice! With all the grand and photofriendly buildings you can't do other than loving it. There are always a lot of people at the big shoppingstreet tho, so you have to wander away from there a bit to find all the cozy alleys, restaurants and shops. I will for sure photograph more in this area! Right now it's also a very nice atmosphare everywhere, that's because of all the small christmas markets that has popped up all over town. I thought that I had to visit one of the bigger christmas markets this upcoming weekend with Stefan. I also thought that I would write a post about what I think you should see if you come visit Vienna, even if it's only for some days. There is so much to see in this town! The first district is definitely on that list! //
Canon 6D + 24mm f/2.8 / 50mm f/1.4
A week ago it was my birthday! I turned 23 years young and it feels good. I don't really feel older or fell stressed by my age.  Anyway I had a very cozy day with Stefan and we ended it with going to the cinema to watch the new Fantastic Beasts: Grindelwalds crimes. I enjoyed the movie a lot and it's soooo nice that they made new movies about the magic world. Have you seen it?? What did you think? We also had some time before the movie and we explored a very cozy christmas market in the middle of Wien. I'm so looking forward to christmas and all that comes with it! 
Later that week my sister came to visit me! She came for the weekend and we had made plans to go shopping and just have a nice weekend. So that was exactlly what we did! Friday we went for shopping all day and we found some good stuff. Of cause my sister had to buy som cheap vodka to bring with her home... haha! Anyway for lunch that day I found a nice rawfood place called Superfood Deli. There we had some toasts and Acai bowl and I really liked it. In the evening when we got back home we made some pizza and had a movie night. 
The next day we slept a bit longer and started the day with breakfast and movie. At lunchtime we went down town for some stroling around in the inner city. We had nice burgers at Rinderwahn and stroled some more. Did I mentioned how nice Wien is? 
I mean look at all this pretty buildings! And that pretty sister right next to them...🙄🙈 I really want to shoot some pictures in that inner yars at summer time. Imagine those walls all green!? How nice! My photography heart is beating a bit exxtra fast for places like that... We also had time for a quick visit at my flat and then we went back to Stefan's place. We were so tired when we got back. The plan was to go out for some party in the evening, but we did not have the energy for that. So a next time for that! 😁
Yes you heard right! I'm going to move in 2 weeks and here above you have the flat. Now it's all empty of cause, but that's soon going to change... Me and Stefan were there today for some measurements, because I will go to IKEA with Maria ( my future roomie ) for some furniture shopping. I need to buy a lot of stuff since I don't have anything basiclly here in Vienna. Then IKEA is perfect for all the basic furniture like a bed, dresser, mirror and all kind of storage. This is soooo exciting!!! I'm so looking forward to when we got everything more in order and can actually call it home. There are so much funny stuff that will happen in the near future and I can't wait for it. Of cause I will keep you updated on the progress with the flat! It would actually be fun to do some kind of moving vlog. I will keep you updated!