I think it's kind of cool that this place is now a days located in the the city and not outside of it, as it was when it was built sometime for a very long time ago... A while ago I felt that I just wanted to go out and photograph and what place is better than the huge park of Schönbrunn? It was definitly worth to go there again for the second time. I was there the first time I was in Vienna in the summer 2017. After this time I will absolutly come here when I want to shoot portraits of do some workrelated shoots. Perfect photoplace in so meny ways! Anyway, I actually took some selfportraits and one of them you can see further down. It felt like it was ages ago since I last did that, but it very was fun. Some people that pased me and my camera tripod muste have wondered what I was doing... Some people also offered to help me, so funny! That would never happen in Sweden... I also had my phone as a remote and it worked good, but I think it's a bit tricky to get the focus right sometimes. Any tips from Canon users? It's waaaaaay easier than with the classic remote tho! Only minus is that the battery on both phone and camera does not last so long as usual, which is pretty obvious of cause. 
Can't get enough of this town!
It's so hard to create some routines when you don't really know if you are staying in that place for a longer time. But now I feel a bit more like I've created some sourt of routine on daily bases. This past week I've been working with the company and all the administrative stuff, so much to learn... But I'm getting there! I have started my day with some breakfast in bed, been doing some cooking and been enjoying autumn. This week have been about cozy days inside, because it's been raining a lot... 😓 All the pictures are from the times it was not raining. In the middle of the week I went with Maria to Starbucks for some quiet studying. Yes, for you that did not know it, I'm studying a distance course on quater speed from back home in Sweden. It's at the University of Jönköping and it's about video editing and moving pictures. So far I think I've learned a lot, since I've not been editing video in Premiere Pro before. Still a lot to learn tho! After a while we needed a break and then we went to check out some furniture and interior stuff. It's so fun to do that and you just want to have your own appartment on the spot. 🙈
All the rainy mornings I had nice breakfasts and a cup of tea. I really drink a lot of tea these days... 😅 But it's so nice now when it starts to become pretty cold outside. When Stefan were at work the other day I joind his roommates to go help them prepare a halloween party for Wednesday next week. It's going to take place in an old house that's abandoned. How perfect is that!? I'm soooo excited about it!!! I'm also going to be the photographer of the evening and that's going to be so much fun. I'm thinking of dressing up like a worrior Viking. Do you have any good tips about how to make a cheap shield and a weapon? 
Friday we went to Lower Austria, Wilhelmsburg to celebrate the national day. They have a big market in town this day and everybody are of from work, but sadly people don't really go there to celebrate the national day anymore. It's just a big market with all kind of stuff and some tivoli atractions. But we had some nice sausage to eat and a bear togeather with Stefan's dad. It was a nice afternoon and later in the evening we went back to Vienna. All the others had some preparty when we got back and then they went out, but I got a headache and decided to stay in bed. Therefore the rest of the weekend has been very chilled. Yesterday we watched a new horror serie on Netflix and I think it's pretty good, "The haunting on the hill house" it's called. Very creepy, but I did not expect myself to like it or enjoy it actually, but still I did. 🙈🙊

21 oktober 2018

week 42


It's incredible how fast time goes and now another week pased. There has been a lot going on in my head this week and I've been a bit out of balance. I think I had a bit of an existential crisis about life and what I want to do. But luckily I have a lot of good people around me that gives me advices and help me sourt out my thoughts. I will tell you more about what will happen in my life when I do know more my self. Everybody has these moments in life I think and it will probably not be the last for me...
Anyway, me and Stefan started the week with a visit in Wilhelmsburg at Stefan's mom's place. There we also met his sister and we all had a nice lunch together followed by a chilled evening. I had some time to talk with Stefan's sister and she only spoke german to me all the time. It was so fun that I understud almost every word she said, so now I only have to take the step to start speaking myself. Do you guys have any tips about how to start speaking a new language that you actually know after have studying it in school? I studied german for 6 years in school, but it's always a bit scary to actually speak. Do you know what I mean?   
My mind has been somewhere else this week, but I've done some stuff at the same time. The weather has been pretty good and one evening there was a very nice sunset. I've also been doing some oatmeal for breakfast and I had a coffee too. Sometime once in a while it's nice with a bit sweeter coffee. And finally it starts to be colder and that means I can wear beanies and hats again. Wohooo! 

In the middle of the week I felt that I had to get out for a bit longer and I wanted to photograph and be creative. I realise now that I have not been photographing so much lately and that I for sure have to change. I'm in a new city and I want to explore it with my camera! So, I did! One afternoon I went to Schönbrunn with my whole camera equipment in my new hugger 30L from Douchebags. I really like it! You can fit a lot of stuff in it and I think it's a smart bag. The only down side is the carrying system, but it's more a street bag than a hikingbag, so I guess It should not be cattied for to long. Anyway, I went to Schönbrunn and there I walked around a bit to start with while I lissened to "Josefin och Vanjas" - podcast. Then I found one of meny long allés and decided to photograph some selfportraits. It was fun!!! So now I've updated my Facebook profile picture after some time with the same one... I really like Schönbrunn and it would be so fun to shoot a wedding there sometime. 
We also had a pizza night in the flat and these pizzas are very delicious. They are from The L'Osteria, an italian reatsurant at Hauptbahnhof. At least we order from there since its pretty close to the flat. They also have other delicious diches of cause, not just pizza. 
As you can see autumn came to Vienna as well. I love it! When the boys go to the gym, I have some alonetime on my walks. I like to go walking without really knowing where you are going, in that way you allways find new and interesting places. I like to explore the city on foot. On one of my walks I found a nice and big dm, which is kind of a cosmetica, hygine and healthy food chain here in Austria. There I bought some nice green tea, oatmeal and banana chips. Nom nom nom! So my day started wiyh Netflix and chill with breakfast in front of the computer. I currantly watch "The Crown" on Netflix. It's about Great Brittain after the second world war and how queen Elisabeth bacame queen and how she struggel with her rule over a country as a women. Quite interesting!