It's time to say goodby to summer and all the warm summernights. The pictures abow are from my familyvacation in Croatia this summer. We really had a good time! Now it's time to welcom fall and all the cozyness that brings. I'm so ready for this fall and there are so much fun stuff going on now. Can't wait to tell you!
Evening light. The grapes are growing on the trees on one side of the road and on the other there are olivetrees. Imagine walking along a smal road with a few houses and it's green everywhere. Pink and purple flowers are growing on the walls infront of the houses. You take a turn to the right around the light yellow brikwall and infront of you is the see. The sun is about to set while you walk down to the salty water. "Klick", and the polaroid picture comes out of the camera and starts so appear after a little while. There will be a picture of that moment, an unice one. That's what I like about vacations, explore and collect unice moments. Bouth in the memory and as pictures in all different kind of forms. 
Hi guys! I've had some vacation the last weeks and I did not really feel for bloging then. But what a nice time I've had! My trip in Europe continued when my parents picked me up in Wien and we drove on to Croatia. My parents and some family friends had rented a completely new built house in Medulin, Croatia. The pictures below are from our first night in the house. Me and the kids went down to the see and I brought the camera. I can't say it enough times, I really love sunsets. The light was just magical and Ellen was enjoying that I wanted to take photos of her. Just perfect!