T H O U G H T S 
This week has been a lot about getting in to new habits and I've been reflecting a bit over what makes me feel good both physically and psycological. I've come to the conclution that I need to be outside way more, walking or doing some activity. It really make me feel better and I get so much more energy to do stuff after that. From now on I will try to go for a morningwalk or do some yoga to start the day. I do also feel much better after I've been to the gym with Stefan in the morning. Lately I've really felt that my body has been a bit extra tired and I can just connect it to the lack of daily exercise and fresh air. Now there will be a change of that and i will keep you updated about how it's going and if I make any progress. 
So the week started pretty slow and I was hanging at Stefans place a lot. On thuresday we were at the gym in the morning and it was nice to be back there again. Now I'm looking forward to continue that habit and really go there on a rutine and follow up the workouts. After gym we had a nice breakfast while watching Lort of the rings. We started with the Hobbit movies when I got back here and then we continued with Lord og the rings. I like all of then a lot and it's nice to dreame yourself away to that fairytaile landscape and places. For lunch we had a nice kebab, hehe maybe not the healtiest lunch but so good anyway. They really do have good kebeb in Wien!
The following day i got time for some yoga and selfcare. That was definitly needed and I also did sone reflacting over how I feel and what my body are telling me. I drank a lot of tea and did some reading at the same time. Since I've started a diary after New Year I also did some writing and planing for the upcoming week. In the middle of the yoga my friend called! She lives in Luxemburg with her boyfriend and I got a nice surprice when she called. It was unexpected and it was so fun to talk to her again since we can't meet up so often no since we live in different places. I do need to be better at just calling my friends spontaneously.
Friday night I went to St.Pölten to meet up Stefan there and stay the weekend at his mom's place. I had a very chilled weekend there and it was very nice to go for a walk with the dogs two days in a row with Stefan's sister on Saturday and on Sunday with his sister and his mom. If you missed it, Stefan is doing a paramedic education one weekend every month, so that's why we usualy spend the whole weekend at his mom's place then. I like Wilhelmsburg and the silence once in a while. It reminds me of Swedan a bit as well and I guess it's okey to long a bit for your home country sometimes. 
T I P  O F  T H E  W E E K
So to my new category in the weekly summary, tip of the week. As I mentioned before I'm reading a series of books right now. They are written by the historical writer Bernard Cornwell and I really like the way he is telling the story from the 9th century England when the vikings came there and tried to take the land. The first one is called "The last kingdom" and then you might recignize the title from the tv series with the same name? I think both books and tv series are good and worth reding and watching. I'm on the fourth book now and it's called "Sword song". When I read a whole series of books it means they are good! So both books and tv series are my tip of the week, but read the books before you see the series. I don't like to read when I know what's going to happen...
It's slowly starting to feel more like a home for every day that's passing by. So far Maria was a hero and repainted the wall in the bathroom that was dark blue and also the kitchen wall that was in an ugly green color... Se how it looked like here! Now it already feels much better. My room si pretty much only a bed and my dresser for my cloths. Next week a new IKEA delivery will arrive and then I will have a mirror, a cloth hanger and a desk. Also some small shelf for frames above the bed on the wall. I think that will make a big difference! I will take more pictures when I feel that there is more stuff that have happened. So stay posted! 
Happy Friday and weekend everyone!
Today my to-do-list is only about taking care of myself and do things that make me feel good. So yoga and meditation is on the list followed by writing in my diary that I started with since it's a new year... These two things make me feel relaxed and it's easy to realise if there is something that does not feel good both physically and psychological. To read is also on the list and that's because I think I read way to less and I actually enjoy it a lot. Together with a good book there is a cup of tea of cause! I have been alone in the flat almost the entire day and then I really enjoy listening to music, otherwise I think it's to quiet. Today has been about me and takeing care of myself. I like to have those days once in a while!
What are you doing to take care of yourselfes?