M O N D A Y 
My week started early in the morning as always now since I started to study german at the university. I have lessons every morning Monday until Friday and I actually like it a lot. Now I have something to put in my schedule and I realised that it makes me feel good when I have some fixed times that I can build the rest of my time around. That's leading to that I'm more effective during the afternoon and in the evening I can spend time with Stefan. Finally some habbits and structure in my life again!
T U E S D A Y 
After class on my way to the subway I realised that the bushes actually starts to become green here in Wien. Spring is around the corner!!! Already in March!? I'm use to that this happens sometime earliest in April, so now I actually have a lot of spring feelings. It's a bit sad that I could not spend more time skiing this year, but it is as it is and next year I will make sure that we plan for some more skiing. Now I'm just up for some warmer days and spending spring here in Wien. I think this city is at it's best during spring! We will see if i'm right... 🙈
W E D N E S D A Y 
I like to get up early in the morning, go to class and still have all day a head when I'm done. That means my new life are starting NOW. I've decided to really take the trainging for real and go to the gym more regular and do more yoga at home. 💪👊 I need to take care of myself! Therefore I've been doing yoga twice this week (thats way more than before) and I've been at the gym first time on my own. Before I've only been there with Stefan, but now we have different schedules so I have to go more alone. Here we go!
I like the University area a lot! Especially in the monings when there are not so meny people... Whole Vienna are such a nice city! I'm so happy that I had the curage to pack my bags and move here. The best thing is that I think the city will only grow more and become my home for real. With time I will get to know more and more people that will become my friends. I have a good feeling about this! 😍 
F R I D A Y 
Weekend again! I like that I have more structure in my life already, so I'm able to take weekend when it actually is weekend... 🙈 On the pictures abowe you can see my right now non existing bed table (left) and the nice Votivkirche (right) that I pass every day on my way to UNI. Did I say that I like this city? 😇 Hahah, anyway in the afternoon I started to work on my webpage. I'm taking some time to think threw my koncept and grafic profile, so I changed my site a bit in colors and the layout. Now I have some more pictures to show aswell, so visit www.oliviahenningsson.com if you want to see the new changes. Then I had a chilled evening all alone with some series, since Stefan was in Lower Austria at his course this weekend. 
First lazy morning in a whole week! Feels good! Once a week that's okey, not every day... 🙈 After a nice breakfast in bed I got dressed and went to the gym for the first time on my own here in Vienna. It was not scary at all, can you imagine?? 😂 The hard thing when you go on your own is to have a good workout and push yourself to the limit. That's way easier when you are two! But I'm getting there slowly but steady... My evening was also calm and I felt that I needed som time alone. This weekend was perfectly since my roomate Maria was away. 
Sunday morning started with breakfast in bed with a book in my hand. Now we are talking alone time deluxe! After that I went outside in the nice spring weather and explored the area close to the flat more. It turns out that there are a huge park not far away on the other side of the Donaukanal, which is a part of the Wiener Prater I think. It felt so good to walk around and have trees surrounding you. That's something I've really been missing from back in Sweden, to have nature outside of your doorstep. The lake at home is what I miss the most I think, since there are not really any bigger lakes like that here in Vienna (not that I have explored jet at least). This park was something in the right direction at least, so that was a nice start on my Sunday. In the evening Stefan was finally back in Wien and came straight to my place. I know when I see him again after some days appart how much I miss him every time. I love you Stefan! 💕
T I P  O F  T H E  W E E K
My tip of the week will be a recipe actually! That was a long time ago, huh? 🙈 I have started to make Chiapudding again and it's soooo simple and delicious. Here is what you need as a base: 
1 "glas" or 1 1/2 dl of coconutmilk/oatmilk/almondmilk
3 tablespoons chiaseeds 
vanillapowder/agavesirup or what ever you prefere
topping as rasberries/blueberries/mango/your choice
Mix it and let it stand in the frige over night. Make sure you stir once in a while in the beginning, but that's it! Then you have a delicious snack/breakfast/desert. Perfect!