It's slowly starting to feel more like a home for every day that's passing by. So far Maria was a hero and repainted the wall in the bathroom that was dark blue and also the kitchen wall that was in an ugly green color... Se how it looked like here! Now it already feels much better. My room si pretty much only a bed and my dresser for my cloths. Next week a new IKEA delivery will arrive and then I will have a mirror, a cloth hanger and a desk. Also some small shelf for frames above the bed on the wall. I think that will make a big difference! I will take more pictures when I feel that there is more stuff that have happened. So stay posted! 
Det är snart jul!? Aaaaaah vad jag är pepp på allt mys som kommer de närmaste dagarna! I måndags började jag med att klä granen efter att pappa hade fått den på plats. Hur kan man bli så löjligt glad av att få pynta ett gran?? Förberedelserna har i alla fall fortsatt och jag har slagit in alla mina julklappar som ni kan se där under granen. Jag är tillbaka och jobbar lite extra på Media Markt nu över julen, så jag har redan hunnit jobba ett par dagar där. Nu blir det tre intensiva dagar innan julaftons ledighet och sedan blir det tre intensiva dagar med jobb i mellandagshandeln. Jag känner verkligen att det är viktigt att ta tillvara på all ledig tid nu under julen och försöka umgås så mycket som möjligt med familj och vänner. 
Här om dagen var jag inne på Lagerhaus och kände bara att jag ville ha allt allt allt... Det är så kul nu när man har flyttat och faktiskt kan få lov att köpa inredning till sitt eget hem. Dock blir det ju lite jobbigt att transportera allt till Österrike igen när man bara har 23 kg bagage att checka in plus att skidorna ska med. Jag får helt enkelt hålla mina fingrar i styr och inte köpa med mig för mycket grejer. Något jag fick med mig från Lagerhaus är blocken på bilden ovan. Jag ska verkligen organisera min tid nu när jag är egenföretagare och så har jag även tänkt att börja skriva lite dagbok. Bara älskar "don't hurry be happy" och sengångaren på framsidan. Det är viktigt att inte stressa igenom livet och glömma bort att vara lycklig och må bra. Mitt 2019 ska bli ett bra år med mycket glädje och personlig utveckling.
// It's soon Christmas!? Aaaaaaah I'm so excited about all cozyness that's waiting the next days! Monday this week I started with pimping the tree after dady had put it inside. How can you be that silly happy about pimping a tree?? The preperations continued and I got all the christmas presents wrapped as you can see under the christmas tree. I'm also back to work at Media Markt now during christmas, so I've already worked for some days. Now there will be a couple of intensive days untill the 24th and then on the 25th another three intensive days of the christmas sale. I feel that I really have to take it easy in between the workdays and appreciate to spend time with friends and family during christmas. 
The other day I visited the swedish store Lagerhaus. They are selling all kind of stylish interior details and I just felt that I wanted to buy everything in there. It's so fun to actually be able to buy stuff to my own place now that I have moved for real. I can't go nuts tho... I only have a bag on 23 kg to bring with me back to Austria and I need to bring my skis too. So I have to hold myself back a bit and don't buy to much stuff. Something that I really needed tho was the notebooks on the picture above. The purpose with them is that I will be more organized than I already am since I have my own company now. The gray one that says "don't hurry be happy" on the cover I totally love and I will use it to write down thougts, like a diary. Something I thought a lot about is that it's important to not stress through life and forget to be happy. So my year 2019 will be a good year with a lot of happiness and self development. //
Yes you heard right! I'm going to move in 2 weeks and here above you have the flat. Now it's all empty of cause, but that's soon going to change... Me and Stefan were there today for some measurements, because I will go to IKEA with Maria ( my future roomie ) for some furniture shopping. I need to buy a lot of stuff since I don't have anything basiclly here in Vienna. Then IKEA is perfect for all the basic furniture like a bed, dresser, mirror and all kind of storage. This is soooo exciting!!! I'm so looking forward to when we got everything more in order and can actually call it home. There are so much funny stuff that will happen in the near future and I can't wait for it. Of cause I will keep you updated on the progress with the flat! It would actually be fun to do some kind of moving vlog. I will keep you updated!