21 oktober 2018

week 42


It's incredible how fast time goes and now another week pased. There has been a lot going on in my head this week and I've been a bit out of balance. I think I had a bit of an existential crisis about life and what I want to do. But luckily I have a lot of good people around me that gives me advices and help me sourt out my thoughts. I will tell you more about what will happen in my life when I do know more my self. Everybody has these moments in life I think and it will probably not be the last for me...
Anyway, me and Stefan started the week with a visit in Wilhelmsburg at Stefan's mom's place. There we also met his sister and we all had a nice lunch together followed by a chilled evening. I had some time to talk with Stefan's sister and she only spoke german to me all the time. It was so fun that I understud almost every word she said, so now I only have to take the step to start speaking myself. Do you guys have any tips about how to start speaking a new language that you actually know after have studying it in school? I studied german for 6 years in school, but it's always a bit scary to actually speak. Do you know what I mean?   
My mind has been somewhere else this week, but I've done some stuff at the same time. The weather has been pretty good and one evening there was a very nice sunset. I've also been doing some oatmeal for breakfast and I had a coffee too. Sometime once in a while it's nice with a bit sweeter coffee. And finally it starts to be colder and that means I can wear beanies and hats again. Wohooo! 

In the middle of the week I felt that I had to get out for a bit longer and I wanted to photograph and be creative. I realise now that I have not been photographing so much lately and that I for sure have to change. I'm in a new city and I want to explore it with my camera! So, I did! One afternoon I went to Schönbrunn with my whole camera equipment in my new hugger 30L from Douchebags. I really like it! You can fit a lot of stuff in it and I think it's a smart bag. The only down side is the carrying system, but it's more a street bag than a hikingbag, so I guess It should not be cattied for to long. Anyway, I went to Schönbrunn and there I walked around a bit to start with while I lissened to "Josefin och Vanjas" - podcast. Then I found one of meny long allés and decided to photograph some selfportraits. It was fun!!! So now I've updated my Facebook profile picture after some time with the same one... I really like Schönbrunn and it would be so fun to shoot a wedding there sometime. 
We also had a pizza night in the flat and these pizzas are very delicious. They are from The L'Osteria, an italian reatsurant at Hauptbahnhof. At least we order from there since its pretty close to the flat. They also have other delicious diches of cause, not just pizza. 
As you can see autumn came to Vienna as well. I love it! When the boys go to the gym, I have some alonetime on my walks. I like to go walking without really knowing where you are going, in that way you allways find new and interesting places. I like to explore the city on foot. On one of my walks I found a nice and big dm, which is kind of a cosmetica, hygine and healthy food chain here in Austria. There I bought some nice green tea, oatmeal and banana chips. Nom nom nom! So my day started wiyh Netflix and chill with breakfast in front of the computer. I currantly watch "The Crown" on Netflix. It's about Great Brittain after the second world war and how queen Elisabeth bacame queen and how she struggel with her rule over a country as a women. Quite interesting! 

Ni hörde rätt! Nu är mitt företag så gott som "up and running” och jag är så peppad på vad framtiden har att erbjuda. Vad är det jag pysslar med då? Jag hoppas att många av er kan gissa rätt på den frågan, självklart har jag startat upp mitt företag som fotograf. Officiellt är jag nu grundare av Olivia Henningsson Photography AB. Det har gått ganska fort från att registrera till att faktiskt vara redo att ta emot den första kunden, ha koll på det administrativa och samtidigt synas utåt. Det gäller bara att ha en bra grundidé! 

Fotograferingen har varit mitt stora intresse väldigt länge nu och jag har ständigt fått höra ”när ska du starta företaget då?” eller ”jobbar du som fotograf?”. Nu kan jag äntligen svara att jag driver mitt eget företag som fotograf och jag har en hemsida att hänvisa till. Nu ska jag bara bevisa för både mig själv och alla i min närhet att det här är vad jag ska göra. Jag är faktiskt lite trött på människor som kommer med förmaningar och ständigt påpekar hur svårt det är när man tar sig för vissa saker. Självklart har jag mycket att lära och det kommer inte att vara någon dans på rosor, men vågar man inte misslyckas så kan man inte heller lyckas. 

Drömmar är till för att uppfyllas och hur ska de kunna göra det om du inte jobbar för det?

MIN PORTFOLIO HITTAR NI PÅ --> oliviahenningsson.com 

// Guys! I’ve started a company and it’s as good as up and running now. I’m so excited about the future and what is has to offer. What am I doing then? I hope some of you can guess the right answer and of cause I’ve started my company as a photographer. So officially I’m now the owner of Olivia Henningsson Photography AB. The process from the registration until now went pretty fast and as I said I’m now up and running. Photography has been my big interest since I don’t know when and now I can finally say to people that I work as a photographer. Now I have to prove for myself that I can do this and that everything is possible. Easy right? No nothing is easy, but everything is possible if you work for it. 

Dreams are made for being fulfilled and how are they going to be if we don’t work for it?

YOU CAN FIND MY PORTFOLIO HERE --> oliviahenningsson.com 

This week has been a good week! It started on Monday with some grocery shopping and then a long cooking that became an awesome lunch with friends. We made meatballs in a very nice tomatosause and to that we made some pita bread that was soooooo nice. You can see it on the picture below. After eating we ended up playing UNO and just talked for a while. 

The next day I started with a nice smoothiebowl infront of the new season of Riverdale. Who's excited?? I am!!! The first episode was good I think and it will be interesting to follow it this fall. The weather here are finally becoming more cool and it feels like it's autumn here now. I've been waiting for this sooo long! It was a looong summer for me this year and it feels like it's never come to an end... Hahah but finally its fall here in Vienna too! 
So I had a nice morning walk one day in the big park not so far from Stefan's flat. Slowly all the trees start to change colour. I did some yoga aswell and had more nice breaksafts. My life is really about breakfasts... heheh! Stefan was so sweet, he bought me a yogamatt some days ago so I didn't have to sit on the floor. I was really happy about it! 
I also got some stuff for my videoediting course done. We had in an assignment where we should film a short sequence of a movement and I chose to have some insperation from autumn. I asked Maria, Stefan's roomate Max's girlfriend, if she wanted to help me and so I filmed her from different angels when she drank a cup of tea. I turned out pretty good I think and I thought the cutting afterwords were fun too. I want to do more filming! I also had some other work done and you guys will see what pretty soon... Below you can see my working space in Stefan's room and also the nice quinoa vegie lunch we had some days ago. 
I've been out twice this week having some drinks, once with Stefan and once with Maria and her friends from university. I had a nice time bouth times and the pictures abow are from infront of Karlskirsche at one of the evenings. Yesterday when I was out with Maria we went to a cozy hipster bar called Lieblings 2 in the area of Mariahilferstraße. It was very cool and her friends was also nice and funny peaople. Good week I would say! Tomorrow we will go to Lower Austria to Stefans mom's again. Hope you had a nice week!