Now I've been home for a bit more than a week and its so hard to find the motivation at work again. It's so hard to describe the feeling when you are coming home again after a time of traveling. All those people you meet and all the new places you get to see, it's so hard to explane to everybody at home. It's like I've been on another planet or something... Everything is just the same as when you lef home, but you are a totally different person. Then you feel a bit trapped in your own life kind of. Because no one can really understand exactlly what you have been through. In your head you are somewhere else all the time and still you have to be in the reallity, doing all the stuff you did befor you left home. Im so comfused all the time and I dont really want to think about all the reallity stuff at work for example. I want to be in Bad Gastein with all the amazing people from this season. 
One thing that helps me so much are all the photos I took during the season, especially all the polaroids. These are moments that are uniqe and pictures that no one else have. Only me. That's what I like so much about them. So, a big thanks to all of you guys who made this season the best! See all of you next year I hope!

Håller verkligen med! jobbar också säsong fast på varmare ställen än du... haha. Det är lite som att vakna upp ur en dröm. Jag blir alltid after-season-blue och längtar typ bara efter att få åka iväg igen.

Lycka till med allt!!

Svar: Härligt att någon förstår! Det är verkligen som du säger... Lycka till själv!
Olivia Henningsson

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